Iraqi Canadian Academic Network (ICAN)


Believing in the vital role education plays in nourishing the development and progress of societies, cultures and humanity, The Iraqi Canadian Information Technology society is proud to launch the Iraqi Canadian Network (ICAN).


This network work aims

  • to bring together academic instructors from various disciplines of study under one umbrella to foster social interaction.
  • to share current instructors’ Canadian academic experiences and expertise via hosting seminars and workshops that can support newcomers or those who wish to pursue a career in teaching.
  • to share current job postings (full time, partial load or part time) in various academic institutions, and consequently, provide support to those who wish to apply.
  • to offer collaborative research opportunities among members of the network who share the same discipline and educational background.


  • To ensure effective, sufficient and efficient, communication among the members of the network, a group will be created for this network via one of the common freeware cross-platform messaging system (e.g. Telegram)