Professional Development

ICITS run a number of hands-on, interactive and online programs that provide members with valuable resources and information. Learn about IT trends, management and best practises while gaining insight from the professional experiences of your colleagues. ICITS events and training sessions are published on Eventbrite, Facebook and LinkedIn.


We provide ICITS members with professional advice and guidance through peer-to-peer learning opportunities that would not be available in a lecture. Members are also able to improve their interviewing skills by participating in mock interviews with constructive feedback.


Develop your skills and experience through training and certification in IT prep courses.


Ideal for IT professionals seeking to start, grow or advance their career in the IT industry. Nexus connects ICITS members with professionals and small to midsize enterprises (SMEs). 


Connect with colleges and universities to create joint ventures and partnerships.  


Designed for growth-orientated entrepreneurs and serious startup business owners. Enhance your business skill set and improve your business strategy with guidance from marketing coaches. Make new connections that will help your business grow.