Introduction to JAVA Programming

This lecture introduced us to the fundamentals of JAVA Programming. This seminar was designed by ICITS member Zainab Al-Zanbour (Ph.D). We met at 6655 Glen Erin Drive, Mississauga today at 9:00 am and had a very informative session. Attendees were asked to bring their own laptops, which they did, and were able to take full advantage of the information provided.

The following software needed to be installed before the lecture day and they are our suggested software:


free download from

And select Download Window App (in the case of using windows).

2) Java SE version 7 free download.

The lecture was an introductory to the concepts of programming in java and it consisted of two main parts theory part, where we stated some of the main commands followed by practical part, where we wrote and executed some basic java programs.

This seminar was sponsored by the Iraqi Canadian Information Technology Scoiety (ICITS) to know more about ICITS please visit our website

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