Introduction to Functional Programming with Elixir

Thanks to Ashraf Hasson for hosting a great webinar on functional programming with Elixir on Saturday March 7, 2020.

An introduction to functional programming using Elixir Prerequisites and Assumptions:
● Prior knowledge to programming is not assumed but would be helpful
● Knowledge of the Linux command line basics is assumed but not critical
● A good command on your virtualization management tool is assumed Session Highlights

  1. What is Functional Programming?
  2. Why functional?
  3. The functional model/paradigm
  4. Setup a development environment
    a. Using a virtual machine (VirtualBox backend) as an DevEnv
    b. Setup a virtual environment manager
    c. Install Erlang and Elixir
  5. Walk through the Elixir CLI
  6. Elixir Basics
    a. Pattern Matching
    b. Immutability
    c. Types
    d. Functions
    e. The |> operator
  7. Recursion
  8. Control Flow
  9. How to create a project / Project Code Organization
  10. Parallel Processing in Functional Languages
  11. Learning Resources
    Take away goal
    To broaden your knowledge of programming paradigms, flexing your mind into thinking in a
    functional way to help you solve problems and get pointers to start programming with Elixir!

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