Webinar: Cyber Recovery Vault

Thanks to Safa Alak for sharing his knowledge and expertise on Cyber Recovery Vault on Saturday Jan 22, 2022. Safa has been working with storage vendors in the design of protection, disaster recovery, and cyber recovery vault solutions in the data center and public cloud for over 25 years. Prior to his role as a solution consultant at Dell, Safa served as a solution architect, responsible for design and build of enterprise protection solutions with focus on databases. Safa holds a Master’s degree in system engineering/Information Systems. In his spare time, he enjoys teaching Yoga and managing a cultural discussion forum every Tuesday.

About the webinar: Cyber threats are on the rise and so is the data that you need to protect. How do you protect your most valuable digital assets without going back to tape? The Cyber Recovery Vault can provide a virtual air gap solution to safeguard your most important assets. During the session, will discuss how the vault can be implemented and integrated with your backup solution.

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